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The Double G Ranch is located in Lavaca County, Texas, approximately 2-1/2 hours from Houston Hobby or Houston Intercontinental airport.  The ranch consists of approximately 2,660 acres under a high fence, which was constructed in 1984.  The ranch has been under a management program since 1984, including guidance from
a wildlife biologist.  High protein pellets are fed on demand from gravity feeders.  There are a total of 27 protein feeders or
1 per 100 acres.

Trophy hunts have been available since 1991.  After the first 4 years of trophy hunts, we have had several repeat hunters who have harvested deer scoring in the 160's.  Wanting to ensure these and all of our hunters the opportunity to exceed the 160's, we met with our biologist and were informed that if we increased the age of a deer to be harvested from 4-1/2 to 5-1/2 years of age and added food plots with Tecomate Lab Lab, we would soon be harvesting deer in the 190's to 200's.  We immediately implemented both programs and have since added more Lab Lab food plots and increased the harvest age of the trophy deer to 6-1/2.  The highest scoring deer harvested to date was a 19 point buck that scored 193-6/8 B and C.  The widest deer was 25-1/2".  The longest drop tine was 7".

Hunting is done both safari style from a Jeep and from Box Blinds overlooking Feeders and/or Oat Patches during the Primary rut which usually extends from as early as October 1st. through as late as Thanksgiving. We are in a Special program with Texas Parks & Wildlife that enables us to hunt with a rifle beginning October 1st.. Another benefit to the hunter is they do not have to use a tag from their Hunting License. Only a special tag from us which requires only the Hunting license number is required. Each hunter has a guide whose duty it is to determine the age of the deer. All guides are versed in scoring deer.




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